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Family Adopts A Strange-Looking “Dog” But Vet Calls The Cops When He Sees It


In his mind, Angelo was happy, thinking the pet he had just brought home was a regular pitbull. If only he knew the truth. The animal was in his house for a period of 3 weeks, yet he didn’t know that there was something different going on. It was when they visited the vet that Angelo faced the reality of his pet situation.

He was gravely mistaken and should not have adopted this animal.

What was happening?

Angelo was in a state of confusion. Not a word was said to him when the vet carried the dog into another room. What was happening? All he had done was to bring Tiger for a stomach check. But there was a strange tension in the air like something else was at play and he didn’t know about it.

A Garbage Man was Filmed by a Neighbor as He Ate a Girl’s Cupcake


A Garbage Man Outside the Truck

Source: top5.com

Like every Thursday the garbage truck passed down the street. When it stopped at one of the houses, she watched the man get out. He was standing in the street as if he was waiting for something.

She was surprised when she saw her 3-year-old neighbor’s girl, Brooklyn Andracke, towards him. She didn’t know what was going to happen, so she decided to record what she was observing.

Couple Wonders Why Their Photo Went Viral Till They Go Through The Comments

Source: obsev.com

This couple has been popular on the Internet before. After all, they were rather well-known. However, this was a different case. It was not only great access among the people who followed them… this legend became the main news item by publications from different parts of the globe! They were confused about what was happening. So, they decided to see what people wrote in the comments, hoping to figure out what about it made it go viral. They had finally seen it.

Family Finds an old friend in their holiday photos – Where is he now?

Source: pinterest.co.kr

One year ago, this joyful family you’re looking at went on an adventure-filled trip. There were so many beautiful picturesque moments.

Sometime during their trip, they were passing by a mountain landscape and met some other

people who were passing by too. They requested that they take some photos with one of the strangers having the landscape as a backdrop in the photo.

On getting home, the family took a closer look at the photo and saw something that amazed them.

A Man Teaches a Rude Teenager a Lesson on the Subway


They say it’s easy to be polite, yet certain people would beg to differ. Some can’t seem to put aside their self-centeredness and show even the slightest empathy towards others. But in a world of karma, such unsympathetic behavior rarely gets unpunished. Even when the universe turns a blind eye to rudeness, we take matters into our own hands.

An example of this would be the unforgettable event happening on the New York City subway in 2018. When a boy starts to misbehave, everyone on the train gets enraged. As the boy’s mother decides to do nothing about her son’s rude behavior, the kid has it his way. Luckily, one man wouldn’t tolerate this and attempts to teach this teenager a lesson.

(Why) Is It Hard to Be Polite?

Politeness in its gist is a matter of good manners and proper upbringing. Unfortunately, many people seem to lack this quality. But why do certain people think they’ve got the right to behave rudely towards others? Is it hard for them to be polite, or is there something else at play?

The truth is, some people are so self-centered that they can’t see far beyond their very own selves. In their arrogant world, the concept of politeness likely doesn’t exist at all. So, more often than not, these people act like they know nothing about social norms. Be it mock cluelessness or the real one, it “gives them the right” to break unwritten social rules.

But where does their impoliteness stem from? These nonconformists weren’t born rude, were they? Most certainly not, but just like anyone else, they were born uneducated. It’s just that their families failed to teach them a thing or two about good manners.

Perhaps parents can’t change our core personality traits, but they should still teach us how to behave towards others. Common courtesy may even be one of the most important lessons a child learns from their mom and dad. So, when it comes to rude individuals, rudeness likely runs in their family. Chances are, these people have witnessed plenty of examples of inappropriate behavior within their family circle.

Because they aren’t used to good manners, such people find it hard to be polite. Why should they even bother when everyone else around them gets away with being rude? Plus, this way, they get to do what they want all the time.

However, the promised subway story will show how even such people can get offended when others mimic their disrespectful behavior.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s 30 Iconic Moments In Social Media

There are not so many celebrities in Hollywood who are as warm-hearted as Dwayne “ the Rock” Johnson. The 10-time WWE champion celebrated his birthday recently and he already has a fantastic gift: being a dad to three amazing daughters – Tiana (2), Jasmine (5) and Simone (18).

If you take a look at his massive arms, you wouldn’t think, he is like a big teddy bear inside. He loves to spend quality time with his beloved wife and his 3 daughters and is eager to share the sweetest moments of their life with fans via Instagram. At the point, when it comes about his girls he isn’t a wrestler or a legendary action hero anymore, just a caring father who is incredibly proud of his children. In spite of the fact he celebrated his 48th birthday recently, he takes care of his body and working out in the gym regularly. We’ve collected his most memorable moments on social media for this special occasion.

#1 A Very Special Manicure for “Papa Bear


The action movie star (aka “Papa bear”) shared a photo of himself getting his nails done by a very special manicurist: his daughter Jasmine Lia, revealing he is unable to say no to his little girl (whom he calls “Jazzy”), even is she wants to paint his nails pink. He is always patient and permissive with her, because he wants her to reveal all of the artistic fantasies she has. If his daughter wants him to be a Disney princess he’s gonna be one!

People Are Recreating Famous Paintings In This Spanish Facebook Group, And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones


Just because museums are currently closed due to the quarantine, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy art. During this challenging time, art lovers around the world have found a way to unite and stay creative: by recreating famous artworks using whatever they can find at home. A Spanish facebook group called “Quearteencasa” challenged their followers on social media to recreate a piece of art with different household items. Toilet paper, laptop charger, even pets were all used as props and everyone had to get creative about how they saw everyday items. This types of recreations will make you laugh, and they’ll have you looking around your own home to see what you can use to recreate a masterpiece from history.

Here are some of our favourite recreations

30# Henry Ward: Queen Elizabeth II

Courtesy of:boredpanda.com

Final score: 3 points

If that beard were slightly shorter, we couldn’t tell the difference between them. When it comes to imitating the pose he has done pretty well. No problem with self-esteem, that’s for sure.

Celebrity Kids you Didn’t Realize are All Grown Up Now


Celebrity kids are thrust into the public eye from the moment of their birth. Born into privilege and under the spotlight, these celebrity kids have it all. There’s no denying that when the beautiful stars become parents, their children definitely benefit from that privileged gene pool. It felt like last week that we saw them still holding hands with their parents on the red carpet, but they’re old enough now to be the center of attention for themselves.

Some kids follow in their famous parent’s footsteps creating their own public persona. Others like to stay out of the spotlight. Some of them have successful careers now some of them are already married and have children however not all celebrity kids take advantage of the fame of their parents. Some celebrity kids that grow up in the light of fame cant handle the pressure and get in trouble with the law or struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.

These celebrity children have grown up under the spotlight over the years and their transformation may surprise you.

Angelina Jolie’s Adopted Son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt – Study abroad

Maddox the oldest child of the Jolie-Pitt family was first adopted by mom Angelina Jolie from Cambodia. He grew up in front of our eyes just like his brothers and sisters. Angelina then married Brad Pitt and he ended up with three more biological siblings. Brad legally adopted Jolie’s children after he married her.

Courtesy of: Pinterest

Maddox is now 19 years old and had moved to South Korea where he is studying biochemistry at Yonsei University. In 2016, a confrontation between Brad and Maddox occurred in the family’s private plane. It was that incident that led Angelina to file for divorce. Since then the relationship between Pitt and Maddox is basically non-existent and doesn’t seem like it will be getting better anytime soon.

Artist Illustrates What It’s Like To Live With Cats


We would like to show you the incredible work of one of our favorite illustrators: @tactooncat. He makes comic book-like drawings of funny pictures of cats, in which he portrays kittens’ emotions and the expression of the moment incredibly well. His unique style makes you recognize his images instantly. If you’d like to see more of his work you’ll find it on Instagram alongside other sketches. You will find our official website at the end of the article so please feel free to follow us if you enjoy watching those lovely and funny images we show you.

These pictures speak for themselves, take a look at the 30 most original ones!

1# Fresh Dessert ????

@tactooncat: “Fresh dessert ????????????????????????”

This picture captured the moment of desire the catnip known to cause in our furry friend and we already know what comes next: the endless licking and chewing of the plant.

Credit : @tactooncat

22 Illustrations of a Husband and Wife in Everyday Life


Are you coupled up and thinking that your life has become somewhat routine? Take a fresh look through the eyes of an artist.

Curtis Wikland, an artist and photographer, has shared a unique way of capturing his everyday life with his partner and family. Here are 22 of his sketches that show moments that you may think of humdrum, can become poignant and meaningful memories in years to come.

1. Put Yourselves in the Spotlight

Source: bestfamilymag.com

No matter how busy you are, remember to take time to focus on the two of you together. Literally, shine the light on your relationship! Reflect on what you mean to each other, and what you share together.