20 Mesmerizing Yuval Robichek Illustrations That Will Make You Question Everything


#2 Poking

Image source: Yuval Robichek

Expanding on this, the artist shared, “Illustration brings me immense joy and satisfaction. It’s a way to express myself and offer my distinct viewpoint to the world. There’s a real sense of accomplishment in finishing a piece and witnessing how it connects with others. All in all, the creative journey, while demanding, is highly gratifying, and I consider myself fortunate to follow my passion for illustration daily.”

The illustration above presents a humorous and relatable depiction of a common scenario in today’s digital age. In this scene, we see a couple lying on a bed. The woman is engrossed in her smartphone, which is placed on the floor beside the bed, suggesting that she’s deeply engaged in scrolling through it. Meanwhile, the man lying beside her is playfully poking her back, attempting to get her attention.

This illustration humorously captures the challenges of maintaining real-world connections and intimacy in a world dominated by digital distractions. The woman’s absorption in her phone signifies the way technology and social media can often consume our time and attention, potentially leading to moments of disconnection within our relationships.

The man’s playful gesture of poking her back is a light-hearted attempt to break through the screen-induced barrier and engage with her. It highlights the need for face-to-face communication and the importance of nurturing the emotional connection within a relationship.



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