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Delightfully Hideous Creatures – The World’s Ugliest Animals


Chinese Giant Salamander – Antique amphibian

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This slimy looking creature is almost hunted to extinction because it is eaten as a delicacy in some parts of the world!

One of the largest amphibians of the world, the Chinese giant salamander is capable of fully aquatic life. As its name suggests, it is native to China and has been introduced to certain areas of Japan as well. Its skin secretes a sticky residue to repel its natural enemies, hence the shiny, slimy look!

The Chinese believe these salamanders to have medicinal qualities when eaten. It is illegal to hunt them in the wild, they are farmed for their meat in certain regions. This particular offshoot of salamanders is a critically endangered species. Conservation efforts are made by the Chinese government to preserve them, yet the penalty for killing one is so low that people still poach or sell them for breeding purposes or their meat.

Hopefully, in the future, they will be left to live peacefully in their natural habitat!