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A Man Teaches a Rude Teenager a Lesson on the Subway


They say it’s easy to be polite, yet certain people would beg to differ. Some can’t seem to put aside their self-centeredness and show even the slightest empathy towards others. But in a world of karma, such unsympathetic behavior rarely gets unpunished. Even when the universe turns a blind eye to rudeness, we take matters into our own hands.

An example of this would be the unforgettable event happening on the New York City subway in 2018. When a boy starts to misbehave, everyone on the train gets enraged. As the boy’s mother decides to do nothing about her son’s rude behavior, the kid has it his way. Luckily, one man wouldn’t tolerate this and attempts to teach this teenager a lesson.

(Why) Is It Hard to Be Polite?

Politeness in its gist is a matter of good manners and proper upbringing. Unfortunately, many people seem to lack this quality. But why do certain people think they’ve got the right to behave rudely towards others? Is it hard for them to be polite, or is there something else at play?

The truth is, some people are so self-centered that they can’t see far beyond their very own selves. In their arrogant world, the concept of politeness likely doesn’t exist at all. So, more often than not, these people act like they know nothing about social norms. Be it mock cluelessness or the real one, it “gives them the right” to break unwritten social rules.

But where does their impoliteness stem from? These nonconformists weren’t born rude, were they? Most certainly not, but just like anyone else, they were born uneducated. It’s just that their families failed to teach them a thing or two about good manners.

Perhaps parents can’t change our core personality traits, but they should still teach us how to behave towards others. Common courtesy may even be one of the most important lessons a child learns from their mom and dad. So, when it comes to rude individuals, rudeness likely runs in their family. Chances are, these people have witnessed plenty of examples of inappropriate behavior within their family circle.

Because they aren’t used to good manners, such people find it hard to be polite. Why should they even bother when everyone else around them gets away with being rude? Plus, this way, they get to do what they want all the time.

However, the promised subway story will show how even such people can get offended when others mimic their disrespectful behavior.

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