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A Man Teaches a Rude Teenager a Lesson on the Subway


Is There a Generation Gap When it Comes to Politeness?

We’ve seen how politeness has everything to do with our environment and upbringing. Unless someone teaches us how to behave, we lack social etiquette. As a rule of thumb, some behavioral patterns get transferred from one generation to the next. But is society becoming more disrespectful with each new generation?

From Boomers to Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha, there seems to be a tendency of rising self-centeredness. It appears that the only thing today’s kids are occupied with other than themselves is their cell phones. And more often than not, the only figure of authority they have any respect for is the “low battery” notification. But are they the ones to blame?

From the minute they’re born, their parents give them a digital “toy” to keep them busy all day long. At least at first, this seems like a win-win situation. The parents rest a bit while the kids are on their smartphones playing games or watching cartoons. Unfortunately, this kind of upbringing can quickly get out of hand.

Soon enough, these children start to dissocialize, drifting away from the real world. They’re often unaware of the events taking place in their close vicinity. What goes on inside their phones is the only thing that matters. And that’s not even the whole story.

Thanks to their tech-savviness, today’s kids believe no one can control them. They’ve already got the entire world in their hands. So, nobody can boss them around — not their teachers, not even their parents, and especially not some strangers. Their arrogance seems to be ready to fight back all the time.


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