A Man Teaches a Rude Teenager a Lesson on the Subway


What About Common Subway Etiquette?

Before we finally move on to the rude boy on the train — are there any subway riders out there? If so, we’re already familiar with good subway etiquette. Unfortunately, some people act as if they’ve never heard about it. But to be fair, given everything we’ve discussed so far, they probably haven’t.

Some people even act proud of their lack of manners in public transportation. Bus or train rides often serve as outlets for their rudeness and disrespectful behavior. So, we can often witness fights over seats, loud phone calls, unbearable music coming from someone’s smartphone, etc. Chances are, even the calmest of us can’t put up with similar scenes in public transport.

And that’s when the fights occur. Unfortunately, our comebacks seem to encourage rude passengers even more. The more we stand up to them, the more proudly they showcase their lack of manners. The only language these guys would understand is counterassault.

Luckily, the hero of our story realized just that. The only way to outwit arrogant public transport passengers is to beat them at their own game. That would be our only hope of getting through to these troublemakers. What’s more, they might even learn something from it.

The following story is a textbook example of how self-absorbed some of today’s kids are. But also, the story confirms that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Children’s lack of public transport manners is a direct consequence of improper upbringing. So, the real culprits are their equally rude parents, as we’ll see.