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Celebrities – Can Mental Illness be the Key to Their Creativity?


Celebrities around the world may often feel over-pressured, lacking privacy, and judged by their performance in public. We know a lot of  of stars who has been mentally ill and has had to seek psychiatric help – or their goodwill has been referred them to a closed institution for a while. We introduce some unstable, confused, addicted people from the star world.

1. Sinéad O’Connor

Image Credits: metrovoicenews.com

Her friends and fans  had to worry for her a lot as she attempted to commit suicide in 2015 and then disappeared for a short time in 2016 – in between she had been hospitalized because of  bipolar disorder.  In September 2017, on dr. Phil McGraws show she said that after her uterus-removal surgery, her psychological troubles began, and that’s when her first suicidal thoughts first appeared.




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