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These Girls from Harry Potter are all Grown up and Their Pictures Show it


The popularity of Harry Potter movies was a great opportunity for the child actresses and the emerging adult actresses to build a successful career. We’ve collected a list, of Harry Potter movies’ young actresses and not so young actresses’ achievements so far. Some of them were only for a few minutes in the spotlight but they still impressed us, and certainly are recognizable. Let’s have a look at their fascinating transformation.

Clemence Poesy (Fleur Delacour)

Image credits: pinterest.com

In the fantasy world of Harry Potter, the girl’s school students are full of fairy-tale beauties. Our first impression of Fleur Delacour was a beautiful and sophisticated French fairy, that was highlighted several times in the movie. Clemence Poesy proved to be perfect for this role. The French actress is 37 now and looks surprisingly youthful to her age. Fleur played a decisive role in her career, but she had plenty of success since then such as 127 hours or TENER, which will be shown in 2020.




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