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Delightfully Hideous Creatures – The World’s Ugliest Animals


Blobfish – An odd inhabitant of deep seas

Image Source: featuredcreature.com

Looking at this picture, the name seems oddly fitting. Like a pile of pudding with eyes, a huge nose, and a frowning mouth!

This guy is an endangered fish, originating from the deep sea near Australia. It lives at staggering depths, which explains his blobby appearance when taken out of water. They have no remarkable bone structure to them, which explains the permanently sad expression they can have. Their gelatinous flesh keeps them afloat instead of a swim bladder. This species is a victim of mass fishing, getting caught by nets aimed for lobsters, this is the reason why it is endangered.

Blobfish are harmless creatures that just have an interesting structure to them, because of their high-pressure habitat. They look like completely normal fish when they reside at their optimal depth in the sea!


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