Artist Illustrates What It’s Like To Live With Cats


We would like to show you the incredible work of one of our favorite illustrators: @tactooncat. He makes comic book-like drawings of funny pictures of cats, in which he portrays kittens’ emotions and the expression of the moment incredibly well. His unique style makes you recognize his images instantly. If you’d like to see more of his work you’ll find it on Instagram alongside other sketches. You will find our official website at the end of the article so please feel free to follow us if you enjoy watching those lovely and funny images we show you.

These pictures speak for themselves, take a look at the 30 most original ones!

1# Fresh Dessert ????

@tactooncat: “Fresh dessert ????????????????????????”

This picture captured the moment of desire the catnip known to cause in our furry friend and we already know what comes next: the endless licking and chewing of the plant.

Credit : @tactooncat


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